Postage Meters

Stop wasting time at the post office.

Never overpay or run out of stamps again. Tired of the games other meter providers play? Find relief and start saving immediately with a 1% discount from the USPS and access to commercial base rates just by using a Neopost Digital Postage Meter with NeoShip.


Paper Folders


Does your team spend days preparing outgoing mail?

Do they take over the conference room for hours at a time folding statements and stuffing envelopes? Aren't there more important things they could be doing? See how the DS-35 Folder Inserter will save your office hours, if not days of stuffing invoices, monthly statements, marketing materials and other business mail. 


Shipping Solutions


IMpb® compliant shipping labels, fast and easy.

NeoShip is a simple online shipping solution that works in conjunction with Neopost postage meters. With NeoShip you can create an IMpb compliant shipping label in four easy steps, and pay for it directly out of your existing neoFunds account. Shipping packages has never been so easy.