Security Advisory Services

Protecting against the latest online threats needs a layered approach, blending technology, user awareness and practical, workable policies - well resourced attackers will try to exploit a range of weaknesses in your security to break into your systems.  We understand your business and the way you work, help you design policies which improve your security without disrupting your day to day operations.  


We assess your entire network and build a tailored plan to improve your security including access control, firewalling, server and network configuration and ensuring security updates / patches and firmware are up to date.  We bring together solutions and services from a range of security vendors to form an integrated managed service which gives you confidence to transact business online.

Virus and Malware Intrusion Protection


At the edge of your network, we provide intrusion prevention and advanced malware protection which examines traffic passing through your firewall in real time, checking it for a constantly updated list of known threats and cyber attacks.  If a threat or intrusion is detected, it is stopped before it enters your network.

For desktop, laptop and mobile devices running Windows and Android, we offer a range of anti virus, anti malware and intrusion detection options to suit all budgets, which provide real-time protection from evolving threats, and automatically contain malicious software in the event it evades front line defences. 


Web Filtering and Security

Advanced online threats can hide on legitimate websites, or in attractive-looking banner ads.   We use security to protect you by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites before allowing users to link to them.

As well as protecting against website-borne threats, web filtering allows you to monitor and control employee internet usage across your business by filtering web content based on type or time of day.

Available as a standalone appliance, as a virtual machine, and will also run on a branch office router at no additional charge, allowing you to protect even small branch offices.